Sachiko Fashions FAQ

‘Miracle Fabric’

A ‘miracle fabric’ is elegant in feel and look, wrinkle-resistant, travel-tough, and easy care washable — a blend of silk/poly offered to you in rich Fall tones of over 25 shades.
Our Classics are timeless, softly draped and quietly efficient in their versatility. You can choose to have them plain or with any of over 75 embellishment options.
Our signature line is a total wardrobe collection of interchangeable pants, tops, skirts, dresses, vests, jackets, coats —dress it up or down — Mileage Dressing at its very best!!


Sachiko introduces a new Sportswear lifestyle line for more everyday use —featuring knits, slinkies, and other comfy daywear fabrics/styles for busy women ‘on the go’ with Comfort, Classic Styling and Easy Care !!
Don’t get us wrong. This is not a T-shirt, jeans and sweatshirt line.
Our Sportswear — at less money than our Classics —will be a mainstay in your wardrobe. Take Sachiko Sportswear anywhere you go — from grocery shopping to a movie, to a casino!!
Here the fashion spin will be on unique, durable easy-care daywear fun fabrics, that can take the daily ‘grind’ and still keep you looking great!!

‘Signature Line’

A perennial favorite! Sachiko’s incredible 90/10 silk/poly blend is amazing: an elegant fabric that is richly textured, vibrant in color, perfect in weave density to drape and flatter the body. Over 30 colors–machine washable. Sachiko offers a sumptuous array of over 100 optional accent trim choices to make your fashion statement truly unique and personally yours.

Sachiko Sportswear

Lush microfiber suedes from Japan: softy draped, with built-in lining/backing that gives a truly elegant fit and anti-wrinkle quality. Travel-tough and machine washable. Offered in lush tones : Dusty Jade, Dusty Blue, Navy Blue, Feather Grey, Black, Camel Taupe and Steel Grey in stylings of Coats, jackets, tops, skirts, pants and dresses, and jumpers.

Matching accent vests and tops available with embellishment trims from around the globe.

Incredible silk/blended knits from Japan. The best Sachiko has seen in 18 years! Soft to the touch, but with a memory to keep an excellent drape and sleek fit. Offered in delicious tones such as Teal, Plum, Heather Blue, Navy Blue, Charcoal and Heather Grey, Carmel, Oatmeal, Wine, Olive and Eggplant. Perfect for those who want easy care, tailored looks that-go from the office to social to travel with a switch of accent vests, jackets, scarves.

Special Occasion Wear

Sachiko specializes in unique softly elegant prints and textures that create a quietly sophisticated yet adaptable look for that special occasion: reunion, anniversary, wedding, special event.

Classic stylings are utilized in concert with extraordinary fabrics for jacket/dress — top/skirt/ jacket combos, and gowns with flutter jackets, etc.

Pants that Really Fit

A woman’s bane is finding a pair of pants that truly understand her torso. At last a solution! Sachiko has created a line of pants that can fit any body type: slim, heavy , low crotch, high crotch, special hip issues, inseam lengths, flat buttock, thick waist. Two great style choices and adaptations thereof. You will love how you look in Sachiko pants!!
The Sachiko pant is our No. One seller!! It is easy to see why.

A ‘generational’ line of fashions

Where else can you shop and find exactly what grandmother, mom and daughter all like to wear?
At Sachiko Fashions, we offer a smartly designed collection of stylings that fit the youth, career age and retirement category of female shopper.

It’s a family affair and has been for 18 years!!