The Sachiko Design Philosophy


Designer SACHIKO believes in Classic understatement. Her designs are low-key, with a minimalistic theme, allowing both the dramatic soft-flowing style lines and lush fabric textures to speak volumes.

“…Less is More…, ” comments SACHIKO, ” and Quiet Elegance is always more timeless and enduring. My designs respect the female natural body lines, allowing a soft flowing visual appeal, and the advantage of ultimate flattery due to the type of fabric and soft, well-thought-out cuts and drapes of the stylings.”

“My concept is one of Core Wardrobing: i.e., the entire visual package and I encourage my clients to embrace a whole ‘look’ — jacket, top, pant (or skirt or dress), along with the opportunity to diversify with a vest or alternate insert reversible top or clever Sachiko Kimono Wrap accessory.”

I am deeply influenced by my Japanese-American upbringing where my mother was a seamstress and upheld the virtues of good tailoring, quality fabrics and extraordinary attention to proper ‘fit’. She used to say, “If it doesn’t fit right, it isn’t worth wearing at any price.”

My father’s influence was in commemorating’ my Asiana heritage through the stylings and subtle touches that reflect my roots.

You will see in all SACHIKO designs an inherent homage to my heritage in the quiet, minimalistic, understated classic approach to fashion. Remember the Samurai warriors costumes? They were simple, striking and yet very functional. Clean lines, quality and yet powerful in their fashion statement.

SACHIKO fashions area very wearable , adaptable to dress up or down, travel well, and make a definite design statement, due to their simplicity and quiet sensibility.

SACHIKO believes that a good wardrobe is one that you pull from your closet and “rely on” day in and day out — for work, play, travel, or special occasions.

“I am not a trendy designer nor do I believe we are all slim with perfect bodies. I design very sleek, fashionable styles that maximize the strengths of one’s figure and minimize the figure flaws we all have. This is a subtle artform which I have perfected over many years in the fashion industry, working with a vast array of figure types. ”

“…I know what works, and I understand what women want, comments SACHIKO.”