The Art of Ensemble Dressing

Think FASHION INVESTMENT. This is the SACHIKO FASHION APPROACH. “If you reflect back on all your visits to the shopping mall and add up all the dollars you spent over 5 years, you would be amazed.

The average woman buys by Emotion, not Ensemble Logic. They buy a top, then later a bottom, then weeks later, they search for the jacket to match the top and the bottom and spend frustrating hours trying to create the TOTAL LOOK.

The average closet has a mixed bag of Orphan Fashions that do not coalesce into smart outfits, but instead are a ‘rag-tag’ array of this and that that causes one to only wear 20% of the closet. (The other 80% are the Orphan Fashions that leave one wondering, “What was I thinking when I bought THIS?! It doesn’t go with anything and it doesn’t fit right either!”

Enter SACHIKO When you attend a SACHIKO FASHION EVENT you are greeted by Fashion Counselors and an array of 400+ garments that all have an “Ensemble Logic”; i.e., they were created as part of a total design statement.

We call this “Wearable Art” as the fabrics are unique, lush and stunning to behold: rich tones to suit every imaginable palette!

BUYING CLOTHING should be a FASHION INVESTMENT. Take the time to attend one of our showings and you will understand why investing in an entire interactive ensemble is the smart way to shop.

In the end…you save time, money and stress and you make a smart fashion statement that will get responses and praise from your admirers.

It happens all the time with SACHIKO clients….Strangers stop them on the street and ask, “Do you mind my asking WHERE you bought your clothes?”

Smart Shopping Indeed!! Examples of a smart wardrobe:

Pictured here are Sachiko clients in her classic jackets, tops, skirts, dresses.

By selecting a versatile, timeless cut of jacket, and slacks and skirt, — then adding a dress (for more special occasions) and a short vest and a long coat vest — then a few varied            blouses -‑

Voila! One has an entire two weeks of unique classic ensembles all using the same base outfits, and simply mixing and matching!