Mission Statement


‘If you love what you do…you will give your very best… “

For 25 years I have been wardrobing women of all ages, shapes and size challenges. I have listened to their needs and designed a truly special line of clothing that is both smart and sensible and most of all — befitting of the women who invest their Trust in me.

My fashion journey through Life has been an incredibly enlightening and enriching one, thanks to the friendships I have made with so many of my followers. My Mission, in addition to serving the personal fashion needs of my clientele, has been to give back to the community through fashion fundraiser events to support womens ‘ clubs, museums, church, youth, scout, philanthropic and senior programs by donating a portion of my sales proceeds.

‘Do something with purpose. , give back to your people and your community,” my father always told me as a young child. He was right. It is a most gratifying Mission. I hope one day to meet you too, as part of my fashion journey through Life.